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COOS BAY RAIL LINK operates the Coos Bay Line from Danebo, OR to Coquille, OR. Completed in 1916 by Southern Pacific, the 133-mile line connects the Port of Coos Bay and surrounding communities to Eugene and the Willamette valley.

After many years of service, Southern Pacific sold the line in 1994 to Railtex (later RailAmerica), whose Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad operated it as their Coos Bay Subdivision.  CORP ran its last train on the line in 2007, citing safety concerns with several of the route's tunnels.

On November 21, 2008, the Surface Transportation Board ordered CORP to sell the branch to the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay for $16.6 million. The Port re-opened it in 2011 as Coos Bay Rail Link (CBR), operated by ARG Trans.

On October 12, 2011, CBR successfully ran its first revenue train from Eugene to Coos Bay's North Spit.  The line is currently being rehabilitated with help from Balfour-Beatty Rail and other contractors.  

OPERATIONS:  The Coos Bay Line normally operates under track warrant control, and is "dark territory" save for several sets of drawbridge interlocking.  Due to ongoing rehab work, the line is currently treated as yard limits.

As of August, 2013 CBR runs the Coos Bay Hauler 5 nights-a-week (Sun-Fri, 1900 on-duty) between Cordes and Vaughn.

The Hauler typically departs northbound from Hauser around 1945 hours.  When running southbound, it will depart Vaughn around 2000-2215 hours. 

A Coos Bay/North Bend yard job works daily (0700 on-duty) to serve local industry and deliver/receive the Hauler's consists over the Coos Bay swingspan to Cordes or Hauser.  This job also makes the 4-hour round trip (every other day) to Roseburg Forest Products in Coquille. 

Well outside the range of this stream, an additional job also serves the mills at Noti and Vaughn
(0900 on-duty), and is responsible for delivering the hauler to Eugene for interchange and back.


This stream has been provided as a volunteer effort by, and for, railfans of the Coos Bay Line.  It's available for fans of the Coos Bay Rail Link and those interested in railroad communications. 

The stream has been live since December, 2011 and evolved from the "CORPcast" stream that ran from 2005-2007.

**  1-1-2014: The CBR stream is currently down until further notice.  When/if dispatching and TWC begins, I'll reassess its return, based on quality/quantity of radio traffic and railfan interest.  **

STREAM INFORMATION: The stream covers CBR mainline and yard operations on the southern end of the Coos Bay Line, between Coos Bay Yard and Lakeside.  Activity on the North Spit Spur and Hauser will be heard often along with communications between trains and the Coos Bay swing span.

The MP752.1 (Lakeside) detector is also in range of this stream.

The Hauler is currently running during the night and early morning hours, with yard job activity by day.  The line is now open all the way to its terminus in Coquille, where the Coos Bay yard job now serves the Roseburg Forest Products mill there.

For current information on train movements and other activities, join the Coos Bay Rail Link Railfans group on Facebook. 

This stream also monitors several Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP) repeaters. 
Most activity heard has been coming from between Saginaw and Riddle, occasionally further south.  Dispatching is through the RailAmerica St. Albans dispatch center.


  • AAR 28 - 160.530 Coos Bay Rail Link
  • AAR 93 - 161.505  Coos Bay Rail Link
  • AAR 22 - 160.440 Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP)
  • AAR 12 - 160.290 Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP)
  • The stream home base is located in North Bend, OR - approximately 30 feet above sea level.  A Motorola GM300 commercial radio and DPD Productions vertical "Traintenna" mounted at 30 ft. send audio to a Barix Instreamer and onwards to the servers.

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